Hypnosis for Confidence & Self-Esteem

Imagine how much your life and things in your life would improve with an increased belief in yourself. An increase in your confidence and self- esteem.I’d like you to take a moment right now and imagine yourself with more confidence and a greater respect for yourself. Imagine bringing that confidence in yourself to the workplace, feeling confident in your ability to get up and give a speech, to work towards the advancement or the pay raise that you know could be yours. Imagine having the confidence to meet new people, whether it’s a new client or out on the flirt4free dating scene. Yes, hypnosis can even increase your dating by giving you the confidence to talk to new and interesting people. Hypnosis can help you believe in yourself and your abilities. Helping you to feel good about yourself.

When you were growing up or even now as an adult, has anyone ever told you:

“You are such a loser!”
“You will never amount to anything!”
“I can’t believe how stupid you are!”
“Nobody wants you here, just leave.
“You can’t do that, why even try.”
“You are worthless just like your (mom/dad/sibling), they never amounted to anything either!”

If you have ever been told this or anything like this, you know what it is like to be without confidence and lacking self-esteem. You have taken all of this negativity and started believing in it. You believe you aren’t worthy. You aren’t good enough. That you can’t do it.

All confidence and self-esteem issues arise because of the thoughts and feelings you have about yourself. Nearly all of these issues stem from something that has happened in your youth when you accepted these ideas into your mind regardless of whether they were true or not.

With hypnosis, we can change that programming, the stinkin’ thinkin’, and set you free. Free yourself from this pattern of behavior by undoing the programming that has taken joyourself root within your mind. Letting the real you out. The one who can feel happy, relaxed and in control of any situation.

At some level, all confidence and self-esteem issues involve FEAR and once your inner fears are resolved, you will feel happier, lighter and free to get on and enjoy your life. The life you are meant to have and live. Confident and worthy.


With hypnosis, we will eliminate the stinkin’ thinkin’, the negative thoughts and ideas that may be holding the real you back.The happier, more confident and outgoing you. We will build your confidence and self-esteem and you will realize your own personal power and be free to enjoy the success you deserve. When you believe in yourself, others will too.

An important point to remember for anyone suffering from lack of confidence or low self esteem, is that you were not born this way. We are all born WITH confidence, babies are confident. They cry and they expect to be fed, they explore and they have no fear. Lack of confidence and low self esteem are learned and what has been learned can be unlearned!